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Stef King

Fashion Photography / High End Retouching  - Brought to you by Nikon

Stef is an Australian photographer, based in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in fashion, beauty and portraits photography.  

“I have a passion for shooting strong, inspiring female figures in my photography. Growing up in remote coastal towns in Australia’s west coast, I have fond memories of wide open lands, golden sun rays and hot white sands leading to crystal clear salty waters. With nothing to do and nowhere to go I would spend hours creating stories in my head of strong heroines saving the day and following their dreams. I let my imagination run wild.

My photography goal is to conceptualise and shoot images that celebrate the power of believing in ourselves. That girls and women can be whoever and do what they want to do in life.”

Stef has won many awards for her work, including West Australian Commercial Photographer of the Year and WA Portrait Photographer of the Year.

Stef has lectures extensively on photography and is an Ambassador for Elinchrom Lighting Equipment.