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Jodie Andrews

Newborn Photography & Streamlining Business Processes - Brought to you by Kayell

Jodie Andrews has spent the last 9 years, specialising in Newborn and Family Portraiture. Her love for newborns is clearly witnessed in the way she handles, soothes and nurtures her client's babies.

Over the last few years, Jodie has won numerous Awards and Titles, both locally and internationally, for her newborn and family work; however, she has recently become more known for her work in the AIPP Awards, winning the Title of Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year for both 2017 & 2018.

Although Jodie loves creating unique and captivating images for her clients, over the years she has also developed a strong focus on running a business with streamlined processes and efficient methods to ensure maximum profits; whilst still building strong relationships (actually friendships) with her clients to ensure that they return again and again.

Jodie is an open book and happy to share her knowledge and experience with anyone that is willing to ask a question! “Not every business is the same, so it’s about finding what works for you, your business, and your market”.