Emily Black

Emily Black


20 years professional photography experience, AIPP Associate, business owner, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend… author…
I once wanted to be an adventure photographer, the kind that hung from cliff faces and trekked into mountains.  I soon found that my biggest adventure would be motherhood, and how that would impact my photography journey.

(I’m also a big fan of coffee, wine, sunrises, camping, wine, lazy Sunday afternoons, coffee, colourful hair… and did I mention wine?)

Motherhood – The Thread

A woman is a mother from the moment of conception.

Maternity sessions are so much more than an add on to a newborn package, it is honouring this most transformative journey in a woman’s life, where Motherhood is born.

Emily will guide you through the process of learning how your experience of motherhood is your greatest asset in building your style and can set your maternity and newborn photography apart through the art of ‘connection’.

Motherhood – The Image

A Mother is part of Creation itself.

Maternity sessions lend themselves so perfectly to shooting on location. It is when a woman is most connected to nature itself.

Emily will guide you through a location maternity session explaining the importance of drawing from your own experience to build connection and trust with your client, and walk you through the ‘hacks’ of the genre, using statement gowns and incorporating fabrics and off camera light sources to create a signature portrait.