Annie Murray

Annie Murray

Annieography & Marketing Expert

I take a different approach to the majority of “experts” out there.

I used to be 100% focused on my photography. Every day I would spend hours on YouTube thinking if I was a better photographer maybe I would get paid more.  My photos were pretty good, but still I was getting nowhere financially, I had been so focused on the photography, I was failing at sales and marketing myself.

I was attracting the wrong type of clients, the connection and meaning just wasn’t there and I didn’t have a clue how to fix it! I just didn’t have my shit together  – I had to work harder & harder to get anywhere!  I ended up almost broke, my body was broken, my marriage was broken and I hit an all time low. I pretty much wanted to throw the towel in and get a real job.

With a broken body & failed marriage, I decided to leave my hometown and start over. With a forced medical hiatus…. it was over 2 years until I could lift my camera again. Because of that, through the darkest of days, I realised it wasn’t just about the photography.  I had been so busy, I hadn’t seen I was focused on the wrong things.  Maybe it was genuine connection, heartfelt connection, the real stuff that would allow clients to be seen & heard, perhaps that was what people really wanted.

Turns out this was even more powerful than great lighting and a killer pose. Caring about my clients more than myself was different now, deeper, much deeper. That’s when my world changed forever. I work less, it means more because I attract the right type of clients now and I was making more money than I ever dreamt was possible by taking photos. I’m now living a life that I never even dared dream about. Now I help photographers find their true value, regardless of who’s standing in front of the camera, Families, Babies, Women, Pets.

We humans are hard wired for REAL connection, the stuff that matters, every photographer has a unique perfect client its my job to connect the dots, so they get paid well too.

Annie xx




Finding Your Beautiful – Murray Studios from murray studios on Vimeo.